Safety and what to wear

Advice for new riders.

Before your first ride

Horses can be unpredictable and riding does carry risks. You will therefore need to complete and sign a Rider Registration Form to confirm your previous experience before your first ride. This will also help us select a suitable horse for you. You can download the form below or get one at the stables.


It's important to wear the right clothing for your safety and comfort. Riding hats must be worn by all riders. These are available for loan free of charge from the Riding School. Suitable footwear and clothing must also be worn.

We can provide riding helmets to the current safety standard for any rider who does not have their own, but we are not able to provide any other clothing or footwear.

Thank you for your co-operation. 


Suitable clothing

  • ​Full length trousers

  • T-shirts or tops which cover a minimum of shoulders and tops of arms

  • Jumpers

  • Zipped or buttoned coats

  • Gloves (not mittens)

  • Boots with a small heel and flat sole

  • Stout shoes (as above)

  • Trainers

  • Wellingtons

Unsuitable clothing

  • Beach wear

  • Cropped trousers or shorts

  • Skirts

  • Sleeveless or vest tops and cropped tops

  • Slip-on shoes

  • Mules

  • Open toed sandals or shoes

  • Boots with higher heels